6 Ways to Burn Calories While Having Fun

By Peter Hartmann

Want to shape up and stay healthy? Let’s forget calories, and instead put the fun back into our workouts.

Elite Sport_Calories

How is this for depressing? On a recent trip to the U.S., I had dinner at one of those restaurants that prints the calorie count of each item on the menu. Imagine my surprise when I learned that my plate of grilled chicken taco salad registered a heart-stopping 1,200 calories. Continue reading

Boost Your Productivity by Understanding Your Workstyle

By Holger Reisinger

Increasing productivity requires more than just granting additional autonomy to individuals. It also requires understanding our workstyle and those of our colleagues. Use the Jabra Work Potential Test to explore your workstyle.


I am a Genius.

And since 28% of us are, there’s a pretty good chance you’re one too.

In this context, Genius is one of four workstyles that describe how we prefer to conduct our work. It’s all detailed in a new whitepaper  that addresses one of the biggest challenges our organizations face today: How we can become more productive at work without sacrificing our happiness and well-being. Continue reading

One In Five Is Affected By Tinnitus – Is It Interfering With Your Work?

By Holger Reisinger

Tinnitus is a ringing or buzzing in the ears that affects one out of every five adults. It’s more than just an annoyance; it can affect your performance at job.


Can you hear it?

That ringing in your ears. Or maybe it’s a buzzing, hissing, roaring or clicking sound….

Noises in your ears may be the telltale signs of tinnitus, a medical condition that affects more than 20% of the adult population. Continue reading

How Much Smaller Can Everything Get?

By Peter Hartmann

The tools we use to manage our lives are getting smaller by the day. Is that good or bad? And where will it end?

Elite Sport_Miniturisation

Whoever said that bigger is better probably hasn’t owned an electronic device in a while.

Take a look. Virtually all the tools we use to manage our lives are getting smaller and more powerful, helping us strive for better, healthier and more productive lives. Continue reading

Large Productivity Gap between Income-Heavy “Advisors” (-47%)

By Holger Reisinger

To boost productivity with your key, customer facing staff – start by giving them more control over their workspace and the tasks they perform throughout the workday.


Let’s face it: We have a massive productivity potential in our organizations today. The most productive of our income-heavy “advisors”; consultants, private bankers and lawyers, perform 47% better than our least-productive ones.

47 percent! Continue reading

At What Age Did Play Turn Into Exercise?

By Peter Hartmann

Why should kids have all the fun? It’s time for us adults to put some excitement back into our otherwise dull workout routines.

Elite Sport_Play

It appears on my bank statement, just like clockwork: My health club fee. The fee I pay once every month for visiting the place about that often.

While making the payment, I started wondering… at what point do we adults start paying to do what kids do all the time for free? Continue reading

Does Advice From Fitness Experts Confuse You Too?

By Peter Hartmann

Forget about the latest fitness trends. The best workouts are the ones where we listen to our bodies. Are you ready for the intelligent workout?

Elite Sport_Intelligence

Why is workout advice always so contradictory?

We can’t visit a fitness site or thumb through a magazine without an “expert” sharing the newest theory on how to get in shape. Trouble is, it’s usually the opposite of what we heard last time. Continue reading

How Opera Stars and Frequent Flyers Can Help Us Improve Call Productivity!

By Holger Reisinger

Want to be more productive on the job? Learn from the experts who know how to get the oxygen flowing and the blood pumping.

“Sit up straight!”

“Take a deep breath!”

We’ve received those pieces of advice many times during our lives. What we probably didn’t realize is that they can also help us do our jobs better. Continue reading

Sports – Team Event vs. Time to Yourself: Choose Wisely

By Peter Hartmann

Participating in sports is a great way to get a much-needed workout. But is there a deeper reason why we engage in them?

Elite Sport blog_Team

It’s time to tackle one of the most important questions of our time.

No, not whether Brexit was a good idea, who is going to win the U.S. presidential race or how Portugal managed to defeat France in Euro 2016. Continue reading

Are You Working in a Desert Without Even Knowing It?

By Holger Reisinger

One in five of us are working in dry office environments that compares to Death Valley. It isn’t just bad for your health; it also reduces your productivity. Here’s how to fight back.


How would you like to go to work every day in the Sahara Desert?

Me neither. Blazing hot and crackingly dry, they’re no place to conduct business. Continue reading