Cortana can shine with Jabra headsets

by Daniel Gniazdo

Cortana works best when it can clearly hear what you’re saying. Getting the right headset is one of the easiest ways to make sure it does.

Man wearing Jabra Evolve 65

If you have Windows 10, chances are you’re familiar with Cortana: Microsoft’s personal digital assistant designed to help you get things done throughout your day, assisting you with tasks like sending emails, scheduling events, finding your documents, searching the Internet for answers, and much more. If you’re not yet using Cortana, here are a few reasons to start.

But how do you speak to Cortana? Do you use the built-in microphone on your PC? Or maybe you have a headset plugged in to do the trick? If it’s the latter, you probably figured that any old headset will work just fine.

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These four jobs will soon go bye-bye

by Daniel Gniazdo

Don’t panic! You won’t lose your job tomorrow. But thanks to the ongoing digital revolution, Generation Z will live in a world where these four jobs will morph into something else entirely…and that’s good news.

Social media icons being pressed

Thanks to modern technology, our workplace changes fast these days. Jobs that didn’t exist yesterday suddenly become indispensable; others job are doomed to quietly disappear or give way to new ones. You’ll probably be seeing fewer and fewer postal workers around, as snail mail becomes a relic of the past. On the other hand, we’re bound to start hearing about certified Pokémon GO consultants any day now.

Similarly, some corporate positions will also go the way of the dodo. They won’t disappear completely, mind you. They’ll simply adapt to the modern age. Here are four of them, but I’m sure you can think of more.

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5 Tips on How to Get Your Brain Back In Shape over the Summer

By  Peter Hartmann

We work to keep our bodies healthy, so why not our brains? Follow these 5 common-sense tips to keep your thinking cap in tip-top shape over the summer.

JULY 14 - Jabra NWoL blog 25 - recharge - FINAL

It’s summer, and that means it’s time for beaches, barbeques, baseball and…


That’s right. From what I’m hearing from friends, on TV and in even the halls of Jabra, summer-time the perfect time to recharge our brains.

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How to Apply Big Data Successfully in Customer Service!

By Holger Reisinger

In an environment where 80% companies say they deliver outstanding service while just 8% of their customers agree, organizations are turning to big data to provide a better, more personalized service experience.

JULY 12 - NWoW blog 20 - big data in customer service_FINAL

We’ve all heard of “big data”. It’s the combination of powerful algorithms and vast troves of random data that enables us to predict hurricanes, prevent diseases, fight crime and do lots of other worthwhile things.

But using it to improve customer service?

Absolutely. Big data is the next frontier in customer service, and certainly a worthwhile one – especially since 80% companies say they deliver outstanding service but just 8% of their customers agree. Continue reading

Best noise-cancelling headsets for a loud call center

by Daniel Gniazdo

Call centers can get loud. To deal with the background noise, call center employees may opt for noise-cancelling headsets that help them hear and be heard.

Call center agent wearing Jabra Biz 2300

What separates a busy call center from a regular office is the amount of calls people handle on a daily basis. It’s kind of in the name. Call center staff spend their days talking on the phone, surrounded by a lot of noise from their colleagues.

The job of a call center employee quite literally depends on being able to have clear, noise-free conversations with customers and clients. So it’s not too surprising that noise-cancelling headsets are some of the most sought-after tools for a call center. It’s as important to make sure the customer hears you clearly as it is to reduce the amount of noise around you.

That’s where dedicated noise-cancelling headsets for call centers come in. They help you solve two main call center concerns: “Will they hear me?” and “Will I hear them?”

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Relax and Recharge this Summer with These 3 Great Books

By  Peter Hartmann

Looking for some beach reading this summer? These three books are perfect for relaxing while providing some great food for thought.

JULY 7 - Jabra NWoL blog 24 - summer reading - FINAL

For many of us, summer has finally arrived. It’s that glorious time of year when we take a week or two to leave our jobs behind and enjoy the company of friends and family.

It’s also the perfect time to recharge our internal batteries. And what better way to do that than through a bit of reading? I’ve just started on three books that I’m finding highly enlightening and informative, and think you may be interested in them, too: Continue reading

Will Avatars Take Over In Virtual Reality Customer Service?

By Holger Reisinger

Get ready for the next big thing in customer service: Virtual reality. By bridging the gap between self-serve and representative-based options, it promises to revolutionize the way we interact with tomorrow’s organizations.

 JULY 5 - NWoW blog 19 - virtual reality contact centers_FINAL

In the near future, the person we turn to for help fixing our computer or how to assemble our IKEA furniture may not be a person at all.

It may be a computer-generated avatar – one that knows a whole lot about us and will be able to effortlessly guide us through complicated processes that previously required human interaction.

At least it appears we’re heading in that direction. Self-serve customer service is already here and knowledge bases are all over the Internet, which makes virtual reality customer service the next logical step. Continue reading

“Do these pants make me look fat?” Having some fun with Siri and friends

by Daniel Gniazdo

Siri, Cortana, and Google Now can be useful tools for managing your daily life and tracking your appointments. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get a bit silly with them.

Woman wearing jeans holding an iPhone

Not so long ago, I wrote that digital assistants like Siri are more than silly trinkets. And make no mistake: They are. They can definitely help you do more with your limited time.

But they can also help you waste time with a few fun Easter eggs. The next time you’re bored, try these phrases with your digital assistant.

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What is The Yin to Your Digital Yang?

By  Peter Hartmann

We have apps to manage virtually every part of our everyday lives. How do we decide which are necessary and which we can survive without? The answer lies within ourselves.

JUNE 30 - Jabra NWoL blog 23 - digital yin, yang_FINAL

Did you get in your 10,000 steps yet today? Or drink your 6 glasses of water?

There’s an app that’ll tell you. In fact, the list of apps to manage our everyday lives is virtually endless – ranging from how many steps we take to when we should get out of our chairs and stand up to which foods we should eat.

There’s no question that apps are great tools for helping us get in shape, live longer and organize our hectic daily lives. They do it in a way we all understand: Continue reading

When Your Washer Leaks, Call These People Last

By Holger Reisinger

New technologies enable us to fix things we previously left to the pros. That means a new and exciting future role for contact centers: expert problem solver – the ones we call when we’ve run out of options.

JUNE 28 - NWoW blog 18 - expert future for contact centers_FINAL

I’ve seen the future of contact centers… reflected in my washer.

Trust me, I haven’t gone stark-raving mad. But I have been doing a lot of reading lately, including an article about the dramatic increase in people who, instead of calling a repair expert, are fixing their complex home appliances all by themselves.

This trend would seem to defy logic, since even a cursory glance at the newest models shows that they’re more complicated and feature-packed than ever. But it’s true. Continue reading