Call center headset reviews: What to look for


by  Daniel Gniazdo

When you’re looking for a call center headset, you’re likely to check out a few reviews to help you make up your mind. Finding the reviews shouldn’t be a problem. Google wasn’t invented yesterday. But it helps to have a better idea of what you really want from a headset to know what to look for in call center headset reviews.


With that in mind, here are some questions you may ask before reading the reviews: Continue reading

Call quality matters in a wireless world


The business world was once dominated by enterprise applications on dedicated servers and fixed-line desk phones. Now, this world is rapidly becoming cloud-based, wireless, and mobile. When it comes to unified communications, businesses have more options than ever before.

But one thing that hasn’t changed is the need for people to communicate and work together. Be it voice or video calls, business people expect to be able to connect whenever and wherever they want, on whatever device, and on their own terms. And they expect their calls to always sound perfect, too. Continue reading

4 types of wired headset connectors


by  Daniel Gniazdo

Headsets can connect to phones, computers, and other audio devices in many different ways. This is a good thing, since you can always find a headset for any connection type you can think of. This is also a “bad” thing, since you have to keep track of these connections. Below, I’ll give you a short look at the most common ones.

Evolve Jackstick

To state something rather obvious, there are two broad ways to connect a headset to a phone or a computer: wired and wireless. We’ve already looked at the two main wireless standards in our earlier “DECT vs. Bluetooth” post.

But what are the major types of wired headset connectors? Continue reading

How to make it easier for SMBs to deploy UC


Small and medium businesses (SMBs) face many challenges when switching over to Unified Communications, especially when voice is involved. They have to roll out new server infrastructure, set up security layers, and add new hardware and headsets. They then have to find a way to finance the entire project. Luckily, new solutions exist in the market that simplify this process, making it easy for SMBs to deploy UC.

Small Business Meeting Crop

Let’s hear more about these solutions from Michael Cassady, the VP of Sales and Marketing from The Via Group, an experienced UC integrator. Continue reading

PeakStop, SafeTone, IntelliTone…what?!


by  Daniel Gniazdo

If I asked you what the purpose of a headset was, you’d probably say something like, “To help me talk to the other person, obviously!”

First, there’s no need for such a condescending tone. Second, you’d only be half right.

Evolve 80 Office Woman

While a good professional headset is definitely there to help you communicate, it also has another, more subtle purpose: To protect your ears from loud sounds. A great headset will amplify your voice while keeping your hearing intact. This complex concept is best illustrated as follows:

  • Voice = Good
  • Loudness = Bad

Noise cancellation in modern headsets filters out background noise and makes your voice sound clearer. But it does little to shield you from the loudness of the call itself. That’s what hearing protection tech does…

Nowadays, professional headsets come with some form of integrated technology that protects your hearing. And this is what PeakStop™, SafeTone™, and IntelliTone™ are all about. They’re simply Jabra terms describing this built-in hearing protection.

But what do these terms mean? Continue reading

Great Results from a Full Year with New Ways of Working


By Holger Reisinger

A full year has passed since I first posted my New Ways of Working “brain dump”on the blog, and what a ride it has been. I am very proud to say that this “deep dive” on how we organize work has been a (work) life-changing one so far. I have had the privilege of inspiring individuals and businesses alike all over the world to look to the future, innovate, and improve their businesses.

Status story (2)

This blog is an outlet for me to be able to talk about the things close to my heart: better workplaces and conditions for knowledge workers and managers alike, and I feel fortunate to have been able to inspire and provoke thought in relation to the future workplace. There is much to do still. I hope you will continue this journey with us: changing business productivity one idea, one blog post at a time. Continue reading

Finding the right UC headsets: Business requirements vs. personal preferences


The way we communicate at work has changed dramatically over the last several years. For many, the desk phone now sits unused in a closet. More people are using rapid-fire communications on Skype for Business,, Lync, Jabber, and Google Hangouts while wearing their professional headsets and working hands-free.

Headsets In The Office

You might also have a personal USB / Bluetooth speakerphone for those conference calls. If you’re on the move, you might be using a Bluetooth headset to take the call with you once you leave the office.

Some people own and use a number of different headset in parallel, which they acquire based on ad hoc decisions about what they need at the time. This haphazard method is not the best approach for most businesses, Continue reading

Why Urbanization Will Stop


By Holger Reisinger

Urbanization is killing rural villages all over the world. And the new mega-cities are destroying the environment and quality of life. I have an idea how to make this development stop – by creating the perfect community of the future.

It’s the end of civilization as we know it. And it’s one of the largest challenges for most countries in the world.

Urbanization is changing the demographics and economies all over the world. People move to the major cities, leaving the rural areas empty without any prospects for the future. Village houses are unsellable, and rural communities slowly die out, leaving behind only the oldsters and the outcasts. At the same time, prices for housing are exploding in the cities, forcing people to work longer and longer hours in order to make a decent living.  Continue reading

Triple connectivity in office headsets – the case of Jabra PRO 9470


by  Daniel Gniazdo

We’ve learned about multipoint a while ago. To recap: Multipoint lets you use one Bluetooth headset to connect to two phones simultaneously. Today, we’ll look at how modern professional headsets take this concept even further, letting you do some pretty cool things…as far as calls go, that is.

Man Using Jabra Pro 9400

While Bluetooth multipoint is limited to two simultaneous connections, some professional headsets let you connect up to three phones at once. Let’s use the Jabra PRO 9470 headset as an example. (Some other headsets, like the PRO 9465 Duo work the same way.) Continue reading