Today’s conference room fits in your suitcase


by  Daniel Gniazdo

The first ever transcontinental conference call happened exactly 100 years ago. It was an expensive affair that took seven years to set up. Nowadays, everything you need for a conference call is portable enough to fit in your bag…and you’re up and running in mere seconds. How did we get here in a single century?

Boardroom call with Speak 810

We take it for granted that we can jump on a call with anyone, anywhere in the world, whenever we want. Need to have more than one other person on the call? No problem. Want to add video to your call? If you have a webcam, you’re all set. And, in most cases, this call won’t cost you a cent.

It hasn’t always been like this. Back in the day, conference calls were expensive, complicated, and their quality was a far cry from the instant communication we’re now so used to. Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane. Continue reading

You Only Need to Attend Two Meetings a Year


by  Holger Reisinger,

Meetings are the killer of modern work life. Fortunately there is a better way. We should only meet twice a year and really get to the bottom of things – and then let the specialists take care of the rest.
Several years ago, I visited a Danish company who wanted to eliminate the insane amount of time they wasted for meetings – a pain point that many other organizations experience. Already, they created some strong points of view around better time management and prominently displayed advice through posters on meeting room walls. These were all standard best practices: start on time, prepare an agenda and follow it, stop discussions when they are not leading somewhere, make sure you agree on your conclusions, etc.
Unfortunately, good advice is not always followed and the campaign didn’t work very well..

Continue reading

ANC headsets aren’t all the same: The three types of ANC


by  Daniel Gniazdo

Active noise cancellation (ANC) has become a popular feature in music headsets. Many headsets now boast ANC, but not all of them are created equal. Let’s see why.

Man wearing Evolve 80 with active noise cancellation in the metro

As I have briefly mentioned in an earlier post, ANC is all about generating “anti-noise” that mirrors and cancels the ambient noise. (The technical term for this is “destructive interference,” which makes ANC sound like a bit of a badass fighting for the good guys.)

In an ideal world, ANC should result in a completely noise-free experience for the one wearing the headset. Spoiler alert: We don’t live in an ideal world. Continue reading

A Look into the Future of Collaboration


By Holger Reisinger

We’ve spent plenty of time discussing collaboration in today’s workplace. But how will workers collaborate in the years and decades ahead? Join me as we dust off our crystal ball and peer into the future.


It’s no secret that we as business professionals collaborate today in ways we never dreamed of just five or 10 years ago.

And that got me wondering about how we’ll collaborate in the future. Continue reading

Are Bluetooth headsets safe?


by  Daniel Gniazdo

Bluetooth headsets have been around for over a decade, yet many are still reluctant to use them. It may have something to do with not wanting to look like an extra in a sci-fi movie, but there’s also the recurring question: Are Bluetooth headsets safe?

Are Bluetooth headsets safe: Man in car with Jabra Stealth headset

It’s kind of in our nature to worry about new technologies and whether they’re going to doom us all in some unforeseen way. People love a good dystopian tale. Bluetooth headsets…well, let’s just say they don’t make the best candidates for such a tale. If anything, they may actually reduce some of the risks associated with other tech. How so? Continue reading

Dear Microsoft, Help us Make Meetings More Effective?


Workers everywhere spend too much time attending business meetings. But maybe there’s a better way. We wonder aloud if a few simple
upgrades to Microsoft Outlook could reduce the number of meetings we attend, while making others more productive and less time-consuming.



To: Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft Corp.
From: Holger Reisinger, SVP, Jabra
Subject: Proposed changes to Outlook to improve business productivity


I know that you’re busy, but I really need your help. Continue reading

5 tips for making Skype for Business pay off


Skype for Business (formerly Microsoft Lync) is an increasingly popular UC solution. However, deploying Skype for Business doesn’t automatically guarantee a quick return on investment. To improve your chances, it’s good to look at best practices.

Businessman talking in the office

Jabra happens to be one company that successfully implemented Skype for Business. In the words of Jabra’s COO, Deborah Wenger:

“Our products are not only an important component of a successful UC solution, but we significantly improved processes, shifted corporate culture, and realized meaningful return on investment as a result of our own Skype for Business deployment.”

Let’s look at five key aspects that helped Skype for Business pay off in Jabra – to the tune of four-to-one ROI in the first year alone. Continue reading

The Five BE’s of Building Trust


By Holger Reisinger

We’ve talked a lot about collaboration lately. It’s an important topic – collaboration is the engine that powers innovation and fosters clear decision making. But I think it’s time to step back and talk about the most important requirement for effective collaboration.

Your guide to Bluetooth headset wearing styles


by  Daniel Gniazdo

Bluetooth headsets, just like our ears, come in all shapes and sizes. We have different preferences, so there are many Bluetooth headset wearing styles to pick from.

Jabra Evolve, Pace, and Storm wearing styles

You can usually find a Bluetooth headset wearing style that works for you. It’s not a bad idea to know what your choices are, since you may go for different wearing styles in different situations. Let’s look at the five most common ways to wear a Bluetooth headset. Continue reading

“Got a minute?”


By Holger Reisinger

With all the great communication and collaboration tools in today’s workplace, you’d think we could share knowledge and information more efficiently. Instead, our day is punctuated by untimely interruptions and requests for information from coworkers. It’s time to take our time back.

SEPT 1 - Jabra collaboration blog 6 - Got a minute - Image
“Got a minute?”

Those may be the three most frightening words in the workplace today.

That realization came to me while having lunch with a friend recently. Continue reading