Five Reasons Why You’re Waiting On Hold for Too Long

By Holger Reisinger

At a time when customer service calls are more complex than ever, the workers who specialize in them are more distracted than ever. Here’s why this matters to you, and what can be done about it.

MAY 31 - NWoW blog 16 - call-centric productivity overview - JS revised 5.24.16

Ever called a customer service number and experienced an excruciatingly long hold time? Or once you got through, the rep seemed frazzled – or often needed to consult notes or with others to find your answer?

The reasons may trace back to the employee’s work environment. Call-centric workers have long indicated that distractions in the workplace are preventing them from being as productive as they can be.

New research seems to back up their claims. Continue reading

Jabra Insider: Headset comfort

by Daniel Gniazdo

To most people, a headset is just one of the many gadgets they use on a daily basis. Yet it takes an impressive amount of testing and development to get that headset into your hands and make sure it works as expected.

In our “Jabra Insider” series, you get a behind-the-scenes look at the often fascinating journey a headset makes from an idea to your ear.

Our first stop is user experience: How do we make sure a headset is intuitive, easy to use, and – of course – comfortable to wear?

Jabra Revo comfort

Do you like how your headset sits on your ear? Was it easy to figure out what all the buttons do and how to get it working? If so, you have a team of user experience (UX) experts to thank for that.

To find out more about this discipline, I spoke to two Jabra UX experts – Bettina Ridler and Bjarke Just Nonbo. Here’s what they taught me.

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QUIET!! Careful What You Wish For!

By Peter Hartmann

We spend virtually all our waking hours immersed in sounds – sometimes to the point where we plead for quiet. So let’s visit a place where we find nothing but total silence. But beware: It’s not for the faint of heart.

MAY 25 - Jabra NWoL blog 18 - Silence - FINAL

How many times has this happened to you? … You spend an entire day bombarded by sounds: Children crying incessantly. The monotonous banter of coworkers. The nonstop ringing, beeping and vibrating of your smartphone. Cars and trucks endlessly droning past your window.

Stressed, fed up and frazzled, you reach your breaking point and exclaim, “Just give me some silence!”

It’s natural for humans to want to escape the seemingly endless noises we encounter and the stress that comes with them.

But be careful what you wish for. Because silence – the absolute silence we often profess to want – can make you crazy. And not just the casual “yeah, whatever” crazy, but “get-me-out-of-this-place-now!” crazy. Continue reading

RIP, Computer Keyboard

By Holger Reisinger

Coming soon to an office near you: Smart technologies that will supercharge our productivity – and make some ubiquitous tools obsolete.

MAY 24 - Jabra NWoW Intelligent devices blog 2

My kids came home the other day with what seemed to them a perfectly innocent request. “We’d like to learn touch typing.”

So imagine their surprise when I replied “Don’t bother.” Continue reading

Headsets make task workers more productive

There’s no shortage of UCaaS platforms out there: Skype for Business, Cisco Jabber, Avaya Aura – you name it. These platforms are quickly changing the way people communicate and work. Companies now need to look at something they may not have considered before: How to deploy headsets for their many different employees?

Office worker wearing a Jabra PRO 9400

Most businesses haven’t had much experience with deploying and managing headsets for a large group of employees. There’s one exception: businesses with employees that are “call-centric.” These professionals listen to and talk with customers for a living – think stockbrokers, insurance agents, or call center agents. Their typical day includes a lot of phone conversations and the occasional quiet time to get some focused work done. Call-centric workers treat headsets as a critical business tool; they wouldn’t even consider doing their jobs without one.

Today, more and more businesses are starting to deploy headsets to completely different types of employees in order to improve their productivity and help them make better use of new UC tools.

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Forget Voice… What Is Your Body Language Saying?

By Peter Hartmann

Most of our communication with others isn’t done using our voices, but rather through nonverbal cues. Find out what that shrug, tone of voice or downward-cast eyes is really revealing about you.

Jabra NWoL blog 17 - nonverbal communication_FINAL

I just saw a statistic that blew me away.

According to an article I read, just 7% of our communication with others is conveyed in the words we use.

Seven percent! Continue reading

Smart Devices Promise a Brainier Workplace

By Holger Reisinger

Intelligent devices are making their way from our homes to our offices. Here’s how they’ll make our jobs easier, more productive and more fulfilling.

MAY 17 - Jabra NWoW Intelligent devices blog 1

I recently read a great blog by my colleague Peter Hartmann about his experiences with the Amazon Echo hands-free speaker. It’s an enlightening and amusing take on how the power of intelligent devices can shape our personal lives.

Peter recounts all the cool things the device and its voice-activated assistant, Alexa, can do around the house – like play music, order a pizza and hail a ride on Uber, to name a few.

His experiences got me thinking about how we’ll soon be using intelligent tools in the workplace. And I’m pretty sure Alexa will pale in comparison. Continue reading

Will my Bluetooth headphones work with my [blank]?

by Daniel Gniazdo

Finding out whether your Bluetooth headset or headphones will actually work with your phone, tablet, or computer is kind of a big deal. Here’s what you need to know about that.

Man holding a smart phone

Bluetooth has become ubiquitous nowadays. You find it in phones, headsets, smart fridges, and – yes – even socks. Yet when it comes to figuring out whether your Bluetooth headset will work with a phone in your hand or a computer at your desk, people often have doubts.

Well, if you must take just one thing away from this post, here it is:

All Bluetooth headsets should work with all Bluetooth smartphones, tablets, and computers

That’s because…

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My #%@&*! Device Doesn’t Understand Me!

By Peter Hartmann

Are your voice-activated devices driving you crazy? You’re not alone. But that is about to change soon, as devices get smarter and begin to understand more languages.

Jabra NWoL blog 16 - language and voice devices_FINAL

I just watched a hilarious video that’s been making the rounds on YouTube for a while. In it, two businessmen are stuck in a voice-activated elevator because it won’t recognize their Scottish accents. No matter how hard they try, it won’t budge, alternately replying to each command with “Could you please repeat that?” or “Please speak slowly and clearly.” Continue reading

Do We Still Want Humans in Customer Service?

By Holger Reisinger

In the quest to reduce costs, many organizations are automating customer service functions. But removing the human element from customer service can be bad for business. Here’s why.

MAY 10_Jabra NWoW blog - Do We Still Want _IMAGE

I couldn’t believe what I’d just heard.

I was on the exhibition floor at Enterprise Connect Conference in Orlando in March, when I overheard a marketing executive proudly announce, “We’re automating 97% of our customer service functions….” Continue reading