When Your Washer Leaks, Call These People Last

By Holger Reisinger

New technologies enable us to fix things we previously left to the pros. That means a new and exciting future role for contact centers: expert problem solver – the ones we call when we’ve run out of options.

JUNE 28 - NWoW blog 18 - expert future for contact centers_FINAL

I’ve seen the future of contact centers… reflected in my washer.

Trust me, I haven’t gone stark-raving mad. But I have been doing a lot of reading lately, including an article about the dramatic increase in people who, instead of calling a repair expert, are fixing their complex home appliances all by themselves.

This trend would seem to defy logic, since even a cursory glance at the newest models shows that they’re more complicated and feature-packed than ever. But it’s true. Continue reading

Shifting Workplace Trends Highlight the Microsoft and LinkedIn Marriage

By Holger Reisinger

The deal between Microsoft and LinkedIn has as much to do with keeping up with changing workplace trends as it does with the stated objective of empowering productivity.

JUNE 24 - NWoW blog 1 - thoughts on Microsoft aquiring LinkedIn - FINAL

Much has been said and written about the recent Microsoft and LinkedIn deal. According to the companies, this is the perfect marriage of two organizations that share a common objective of connecting and empowering the world’s professionals to be more productive. Continue reading

Feeling Tired this Morning? Try a Shot of Sonic Caffeine!

By  Peter Hartmann

Want to be more productive at work? Relieve stress? Or get to sleep faster? Try these proven sound exercises and bring additional happiness and fulfillment to your life.

 JUNE 23 - Jabra NWoL blog 22 - positive sound environment - FINAL

Welcome to Part 2 of my conversation with Lyz Cooper, founder of The British Academy of Sound Therapy. In our previous discussion, we talked about how to overcome a negative sound environment. This week, we’ll discuss ways to create a positive sound environment, one that helps us become more productive, happier and fulfilled. Continue reading

Have you realized your potential yet?

By Holger Reisinger

Most of us are good at our job. But how do we know, if we are as good as we could be? Well, in my experience, if you want to perform at your best, first you need to understand your own work behavior and build on that. Maybe you are the Guardian at work or the Game Changer. Perhaps the Genius or even the Guru. One thing is for sure: you have potential. Now let us find out what it is! JUNE 20 - NWoW blog EXTRA - World Productivity Day_FINAL

Ideally, every day and every assignment should be fun and thrilling. But, as we all know; some days are harder than others. However, if you feel, that things could be more fun and much less challenging than they are. Then perhaps you stuck in a way of working, which does not make the most of your abilities – and your capabilities. Which means you have probably not yet realized your full potential. Continue reading

Smart Headsets Help You Stay On Top Of Your Day

Michael Steinhart, Technology Editor at CBS Interactive Studio 61 has been testing the Jabra Halo Smart for several weeks. Below are his thoughts on the headset. You can read the original article on CNET.

Jabra Halo Smart

Michael’s note: Jabra provided me with a Halo Smart unit to try and with comparative market stats to help illustrate how Jabra feels the Halo Smart compares to other headsets. I’ve been using the Halo Smart for several weeks now, and below are my thoughts.

Taking it on the road

Traveling from New York to Chicago and back this week, I noticed a few things about business travelers and the devices they carry. Continue reading

5 tips to stay “in the zone” at work

by Daniel Gniazdo

Your colleague Suzy is really fun, but she laughs like a screeching seagull. Your colleague Daniel is a nice enough guy, but he’s so loud, people halfway across the world cover their ears when he “whispers.” Your colleague Tom keeps constantly dropping by your desk to tell jokes only he and – regrettably – Suzy find funny.

They’re all great people, but sometimes you really wish they’d just let you work in peace for one single moment. How are you supposed to get anything done when you’re constantly distracted?! Well, here are at least five suggestions.

Man wearing Evolve 80 in the office

Hey! Did you know it’s World Productivity Day on Monday, June 20? Me neither. It’s arguably one of the more obscure celebrations. Productivity day? On a Monday? Ugh! But World Productivity Day is apparently a thing. Which is why, in honor of this occasion, I thought I’d share a few tips on staying productive at work. Continue reading

The True Power of Sound – from Embryonic to Old Age

By  Peter Hartmann

The wrong sounds will make you and your loved ones stressed, tired and anxious. Get expert advice for creating a healthier, more positive sound environment and have sound work for you – not against you!

 JUNE 16 - Jabra NWOL blog 21 -- poor sound environment Q-A - FINAL

We’re surrounded by sound. Sometimes it’s sound we’ve chosen, but more often it’s forced upon us. I sat down with Lyz Cooper, founder of The British Academy of Sound Therapy, for a two-part discussion about the effects of sound on our health and how to create a more positive sound environment.

The British Academy of Sound Therapy has spent more than two decades conducting research into sound and offering courses, training, sound therapy and music to promote health and well-being.

Peter Hartmann: Why is sound so important in our lives? Continue reading

Jabra Insider: Durability testing

by Daniel Gniazdo

To most people, a headset is just one of the many gadgets they use on a daily basis. Yet it takes an impressive amount of testing and development to get that headset into your hands and make sure it works as expected.

In our “Jabra Insider” series, you get a behind-the-scenes look at the often fascinating journey a headset makes from an idea to your ear. We’ve already covered headset comfort and the sound lab in previous posts.

Today’s final chapter is about durability testing: How do we make sure your headset doesn’t break as soon as you touch it?

Jabra Steel

As you might suspect, Jabra headsets aren’t just hastily slapped together and rushed directly to your nearest retail store; they go through rigorous durability tests to make sure they live up to specifications and last a long time without breaking.

To learn more about how this happens, I’ve spoken to Li Li, Director of Product Quality at Jabra. Here’s what I learned: Continue reading

Six Secrets for Starting a Conversation (that the Experts Won’t Tell You)

By  Peter Hartmann

For most of us, striking up a conversation with a stranger is difficult, and maintaining one is even harder. Use these practical tips to do better at both.

JUNE 9 - Jabra NWoL blog 20 - Conversation starters - FINAL

On the stress level, striking up a conversation with a stranger ranks up there with public speaking, taking your driver’s test and visiting the dentist.

Indeed, plenty of books and articles have been written on the subject. Search the words “conversation starter” in Google and you’ll get 7.5 million hits. You’ll get all kinds of advice too – from the old standbys (“So, what do you do for a living?”) to the mundane (“How are you doing?”) to the downright bizarre (“If you could teleport by blinking your eyes, where would you go right now?”)

For all their good intentions, the advice-givers tell only half the story. Firing up a conversation is important, sure, but maintaining that dialog is equally critical. How many times have you started a conversation only to quickly run out of things to say? The seemingly endless silence is deafening. Continue reading

On the Phone a Lot? Your Work Type Reveals How You Are Most Productive

By Holger Reisinger

The right working environment makes all the difference for employees who spend time talking on the phone. Here’s how to create an environment that increases the productivity and satisfaction of your call-centric workers.

JUNE 7 - NWoW blog 17 - call-centric productivity deeper dive_FINAL

What do a private banker and a contact center agent have in common?

Both are among the legions of workers who rely on updated versions of a 19th century tool – the telephone – as an indispensable part of doing business.

The telephone is perhaps more vital to business today than ever. It enables the most powerful form of communication: conversation. In an increasingly digital world, we still want to ask questions, get instant answers, dive into the details and interact with other people. Continue reading