Today’s Hottest Workspace? It’s All Around Us!

Our workspaces are changing like never before. These days you’re as likely to find workers toiling away from the airport, a coffee shop or the kitchen table as you would from an office. Let’s look back at the rapid transformation of the workplace.

I have bad news for corporate architects, space planners, furniture manufacturers and hardware and software companies everywhere.

The days of putting us in boxes, either literally forcing us to collaborate from tiny cubicles and uninspiring conference rooms or stereotyping us as desk-centric or road warriors, are coming to an end.

And not a minute too soon. Continue reading

Today’s conference room fits in your suitcase

The first ever transcontinental conference call happened exactly 100 years ago. It was an expensive affair that took seven years to set up. Nowadays, everything you need for a conference call is portable enough to fit in your bag…and you’re up and running in mere seconds. How did we get here in a single century?

Boardroom call with Speak 810

We take it for granted that we can jump on a call with anyone, anywhere in the world, whenever we want. Need to have more than one other person on the call? No problem. Want to add video to your call? If you have a webcam, you’re all set. And, in most cases, this call won’t cost you a cent.

It hasn’t always been like this. Back in the day, conference calls were expensive, complicated, and their quality was a far cry from the instant communication we’re now so used to. Let’s take a quick trip down memory lane. Continue reading