Dear Microsoft, Help us Make Meetings More Effective?

Workers everywhere spend too much time attending business meetings. But maybe there’s a better way. We wonder aloud if a few simple
upgrades to Microsoft Outlook could reduce the number of meetings we attend, while making others more productive and less time-consuming.



To: Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft Corp.
From: Holger Reisinger, SVP, Jabra
Subject: Proposed changes to Outlook to improve business productivity


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Groupthink Kills Collaboration!

By Groupthink Kills Collaboration! Holger Reisinger

Some of the biggest blunders in history – both corporate and otherwise – can be attributed to the concept of groupthink. Along with new research on the topic come practical new tips for keeping it out of your decision making processes.


Have you ever run across a corporate decision that seemed so mind-boggling that you shook your head and wondered, “What were they thinking?”

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That’s It… I’m Finished – With Meetings, That Is

By That’s It… I’m Finished - With Meetings, That Is Holger Reisinger

Meetings are the corporate get-togethers we all love to hate. For every productive one, it seems there’s at least one or more that are a complete waste of time. Here’s how you can reduce the number of meetings you need to attend.


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Collaboration – from the pyramids to the moon landing

By Collaboration - from the pyramids to the moon landing Holger Reisinger

Every time you return a call from a co-worker, discuss a project with a colleague or conduct a teleconference, you’re participating in an activity that has been moving civilization forward since the beginning of time. But what is collaboration really—and why is it now more important than ever?


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