Why Bird Sounds Make Us More Productive

By  Holger Reisinger

It’s time to incorporate nature into the workday. Find out how the natural sounds featured in the “Focus on Work” music soundtrack can help relieve stress and make us more productive on the job.

Why Bird Sounds Make Us More Productive

Are noise and distractions in the workplace keeping you from getting your job done? Continue reading

Why Are We All “Getting In the Zone”?

By Why Are We All “Getting In the Zone”? Peter Hartmann

The weather outside was miserable, so I headed over to the fitness club to resume my half-marathon training.

Jabra NWoL blog 9 - In the zone_FINAL

I laced up my shoes, plugged in my earbuds, fired up RunDMC and began pounding the indoor track. As I glanced at the others working out that day — running, spinning, lifting — I couldn’t help but notice how many, like me, were wearing headsets or earbuds. At least 8 of every 10 by my count. Continue reading

Music makes your mood. Really.

by Music makes your mood. Really. Daniel Gniazdo

“Music is the strongest form of magic,” Marilyn Manson once said. Does it sound far-fetched? Actually, he was more right than he knew. Music works magic on your mood.

Man listening to Jabra Revo

I bet you’ve experienced this yourself: A song comes on the radio, and suddenly you’re either an emotional wreck or jazzed up and ready to take on the world (it’s rarely both at the same time). Music can make you feel sad, happy, tense, or excited. It can even get people flocking to the dance floor to do the synchronized routine from the latest pop track…or so I’ve heard. Continue reading