How to “Heat Map” Your Office to Greater Efficiency

By How to “Heat Map” Your Office to Greater Efficiency Holger Reisinger

An analytical tool used by retailers, webmasters and football (soccer) clubs may help us configure our office spaces for added employee efficiently. The proof is right there in the red, yellow, green and blue hues.

 Office heatmap

If you’re a football fan, you’re probably familiar with heat maps. They’re splashy TV graphics that show where on the field players spend their time. They’re also powerful analytical tools to help webmasters optimize a site depending on how people’s eyes scan it or guide retail planners on where to place promotions around the store floor.

As useful as heat maps are to coaches and shopkeepers, they may be equally important to our organizations.

Now before you think I’ve completely lost my mind, let me explain. Continue reading

3 types of knowledge workers (and what headsets they need)

It wasn’t long ago that new employees would receive a desk phone and a voicemail password when they first started. While traveling, they’d use payphones and hotel phones with prepaid phone cards. Times sure have changed.

Office workers

Today, knowledge workers have seemingly endless options when it comes to communications. They join Skype conferences on their desktop, online meetings on their cell phones, and make calls using their Bluetooth headsets. So, then, what do today’s businesses give their employees instead of the good old desk phone? And how do they decide which employee gets which tools? Continue reading