Why Bird Sounds Make Us More Productive

By  Holger Reisinger

It’s time to incorporate nature into the workday. Find out how the natural sounds featured in the “Focus on Work” music soundtrack can help relieve stress and make us more productive on the job.

Why Bird Sounds Make Us More Productive

Are noise and distractions in the workplace keeping you from getting your job done? Continue reading

Four Fascinating Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Sound

By Four Fascinating Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Sound Brian Andersen

Sound travels at 1,230 km (767 miles) per hour – beyond that magic happens. Read on to discover some fantastic facts about the power of sound.

Sound waves

Sound has immense power. It can inspire, enlighten, heal – even help us get more done on the job.

At Jabra, we’re fascinated by the power of sound, no matter what form it takes – from the annoying blaring of a car horn to the soothing, rich notes of a symphony. Our work has led us to discover plenty of interesting things about sound, and we’d like to share a few. Continue reading

Feeling Tired this Morning? Try a Shot of Sonic Caffeine!

By  Peter Hartmann

Want to be more productive at work? Relieve stress? Or get to sleep faster? Try these proven sound exercises and bring additional happiness and fulfillment to your life.

 JUNE 23 - Jabra NWoL blog 22 - positive sound environment - FINAL

Welcome to Part 2 of my conversation with Lyz Cooper, founder of The British Academy of Sound Therapy. In our previous discussion, we talked about how to overcome a negative sound environment. This week, we’ll discuss ways to create a positive sound environment, one that helps us become more productive, happier and fulfilled. Continue reading

The True Power of Sound – from Embryonic to Old Age

By  Peter Hartmann

The wrong sounds will make you and your loved ones stressed, tired and anxious. Get expert advice for creating a healthier, more positive sound environment and have sound work for you – not against you!

 JUNE 16 - Jabra NWOL blog 21 -- poor sound environment Q-A - FINAL

We’re surrounded by sound. Sometimes it’s sound we’ve chosen, but more often it’s forced upon us. I sat down with Lyz Cooper, founder of The British Academy of Sound Therapy, for a two-part discussion about the effects of sound on our health and how to create a more positive sound environment.

The British Academy of Sound Therapy has spent more than two decades conducting research into sound and offering courses, training, sound therapy and music to promote health and well-being.

Peter Hartmann: Why is sound so important in our lives? Continue reading