Listen to me! Listen to me!! LISTEN TO ME!!!

We’re losing our ability to listen. This potential crisis threatens our relationships with our customers, organizations, families and entire nations. Here’s what we can do about it.

The art of listening is under attack.

This skill, among the most important we as humans possess, is getting drowned out from all sides: Increasing noise levels, myriad distractions, shorter attention spans and more people who just want to hear themselves talk. Continue reading

Start Being Happy – It Will Double Your Productivity

Want to be both happier and more productive at work? You can achieve both by making a few changes and adding a regime of gratefulness. Follow these easy steps to change your perception of reality and achieve the much-craved happiness at work.

Germany, Rur Reservoir, smiling businessman in canoe

My new hero is the psychologist Shawn Achor. I caught his TED talk about happiness in the workplace, which really struck a nerve. When you have some time, I recommend that you spend it watching his 12-minute presentation on how we change the lens of reality and achieve greater happiness and productivity at work. What I found particularly interesting was whether happiness is an inside-out or an outside-in process and how to get the process started. Continue reading