World Productivity Day

The Global Productivity Challenge

Despite our greatest efforts, global productivity grew a scant 1.3% in 2016. Today’s workers have everything they need to be productive, so what’s holding them back?

We dug into this question to understand the top issues and solutions across the globe. Download the infographic to see the key challenges that plague workplace productivity worldwide today:

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The research

Jabra’s ‘New Ways of Working’ initiative builds on an idea of organizing work towards realizing people’s full potential.

We have made some of our reseach available for you:

Unlocking the productivity potential in your organization

The Work Potential study is designed to inspire you to take the first step towards creating a work environment in which you, your employees and your colleagues can achieve your full potential.

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Unlocking the power of conversation

Businesses are facing many challenges in creating productive working environments, as staff battle distractions, ineffective workspaces and technology. All issues factor in to “the productivity equation”. Jabra research shows just how the different factors impact productivity.

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Get S#!t Done – A Vision for the Workplace of Tomorrow

Productivity is the key to business success. However, the relentless pursuit of productivity is also draining our finances, stifling innovation and exhausting our employees. In this book we will demonstrate how New Ways of Working can help accelerate productivity, boost business innovation and increase employee satisfaction – all without the need to work harder or longer.

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